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Moment of Transparency (Limited Edition) - No Parts

Why do I feel like
This had to be like this
Why, do you do this to me cause you
Can? t get fucking shit from me on your own
You can?t do this to me you can get to fuck inside your own
This is for you and your friends and you all can
Get to fuck right out of my face
I don?t know what to do cause you can?t see
And I don?t feel different to what I used too
I never wanted this
You can?t do this to me why do you
Always try to fuck around with my friends
This is for all you fuckers always trying to fuck my head
Why don?t you all just fuck you
Go and fuck yourselfs against a fucking brick wall
I don?t want this from you oh no
I never wanted this, now I didn?t notice if it was
And I choose enemies, breaking down on me
They shout at me, they?re taunting me

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