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Goodys Profile Age: 26 Height: 6' 1'' Interests:Cooking, guitar, lifting heavy stuff, fixing stuff, problem solving Music: A Perfect Circle, DJ Shadow, Bob Dylan, Dave Matthews, Bob Marley, Pantera, Police, Ben Harper, Tool, Frank Zappa etc. Films: 300, Batman Begins, Big Lebowski, Bill & Ted's, Ice Age 1&2, Ong-bak, Usual Suspects, Vanilla Sky Heroes:Terry Bozzio, Danny Carey, Alyn Cosker, Chris Killen, Dave Weckl Likes: Friends, family, Craft Daft, Sarah-Lee, Serotone, playing, learning Dislikes: Raisins Gear: pearl export, zildjian, sabian, zildjian sticks, pearl eliminator bass pedal, irn-bru. Goody bangs on them drums like they did something wrong, even though we all know he loves them. he's a big guy with a big heart. Always writing the perfect beats to compliment Serotone's tunes!

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