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Lems Profile Age: 21 Interests: Photography, playing guitar( i wish i had more interests but all i really do is take photos, play in the band and work, and work really aint a interest, more of a pain in the ass) Music: Tool, APC, machine head, soulfly, down, pantera, metallica, S.O.A.D, korn, skindred, black light burns, deftones, crowbar, black light burns, rob zombie, chimaira, pitchshifter. Gear: fender jaguar, fender jazzmaster, gibson les paul standard, schecter 007(seven string) diamond series, schecter omen6, walden acoustic, boss phase shifter, boss digi delay, marshall chours,i just use my amp distortion(it fucking kicks ass) mesa boogie dual rectifier lem's sound: "its kinda wes borland meets stephen carpenter mixed around with a bit of adam jones" Email: Lem plays guitar for Serotone. "Lem brings such a unique spark to Serotone, he has a superb talent for writing original riffs that become the spine of a new tune!"

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